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Dojo - Shin Budo Kai

Learn Traditional Danzan Ryu
Our instructors have over 135 years of Martial Arts experience


Professor Dennis Estes  (Hachidan) has over 50 years’ experience. He offers extensive Self Defense and Combat Jujitsu training.  Prof Estes is a former police officer and has taught at the police academy.


Professor Robert Hodgkin  (Shichidan) began studying Danzan Ryu Jujitsu in 1982, and received the title of Professor from the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation in April of 2009. Prof Hodgkin has also studied Kenpo Karate, and is currently studying Filipino Martial Arts.


Sensei Choy Estes  (Nidan) began studying Kung Fu in 1972. Sensei Choy began her studies in Judo & Jujitsu in 1973, competing in both from 1973-1986. Sensei Choy loves teaching children.


‣ Develop Self Discipline

‣ Improve Self Image

‣ Develop Self Confidence

‣ Learn to Protect Yourself

‣ Have Fun

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