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Professor Dennis Estes

Prof Dennis J. Estes holds a black belt that is recognized by both the American Judo and Jujutsu Federation, and the Kodenkan Yudanshakai. He also holds a black belt in Daito Ryu Aikijutsu.


Dennis began his Martial Arts as a six year old, when he began training with Sensei James Moynahan.  After his father, Arthur Estes, achieved Black Belt, Dennis continued with his father as his Sensei. While a teenager, he assisted his father in teaching classes at South Western Oregon Community College, in both the Police Sciences Department and P.E. Department, as well as in the dojo.


Dennis joined the United States Air Force 6 months after graduation from High School and after Basic Training and Tech School, continued training.  While in the Air Force, Dennis worked in JUDO while in the States and THAI BOXING while in Thailand.


In 1978, as a Police Officer, and continued with his training in both JUDO and JUJITSU and while a Police Officer received National Certification as a Police Self Defense Instructor.


Dennis was certified in both Utah and Idaho as a Police Defensive Tactics Instructor, and while in Idaho he taught at the Police Academy.  He taught both basic recruit and in service classes.  He was a certified instructor in PR-24 Baton, Kubaton, Arrest and Control Techniques, Self Defense, and Lindell Method of Handgun retention.


After moving to Utah in the early 1980's, Dennis persuaded his father to open another dojo.  Dennis and his father opened the Estes Bushido Jutsu Kan in Lehi, Utah in 1982.  A year later Arthur left the dojo and started Yamanaka Kodenkan in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  Dennis continued as Sensei of the Bushido Jutsu Kan.  While instructing here, Dennis had five students reach the rank of black belt.  Two additional Bushido Jutsu Kan students received their black belts from him after he moved from Lehi.


In 1986 Dennis moved to Eureka, California and within six months had started a new dojo.  This one he named JOBU SHIN KAN, which translates as School of the Strong Martial Spirit.  This school produced more than 14 black belts, four of which were charter members. Warren Staley, David Biggs, Jon Sylvia, and Chollanna Estes.


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